Hello World!

This is the first post on this new page.

Just a quick overview of where I am in terms of my Motogymkhana skills, and what have happened in the past few years.

I learned of Motogymkhana sport by stumbling on a YouTube clip.

Living in NYC at the time, with traffic, grid patterned streets, there was not much excitement after a couple of years of owning a bike.

Seeing this,

I was hooked right from the start.

A few years have passed, me learning as much as I could about the sport and about the technique. I progressed somewhat but still was nowhere near the level I wanted to be.

I sold my motorcycle and moved to Florida in 2015.

After a two year leave from motorcycling and MotoGymkhana, I finally bought a used Ninja 500, and now back on the local parking lots, burning off tires around the cones.

I will try to keep this blog more on the informational side of things.  Due to the MotoGymkhana being a Japanese sport, there is very little usable instructional material available in English.  These posts will be more about my personal learning and discoveries, rather than what is being taught in Japan, so take everything with a grain of salt.

That’s pretty much it for the first post.