What is Moto-Gym


Is a page dedicated to a Motorcycle Gymkhana sport and a community of like minded riders.

So what is Moto Gymkhana?

Moto Gymkhana is a Time Trial on an obstacle course defined by the cones. Course is designed as a series of bends, as well as loops and multiple rotations around the obstacles. Courses are set-up to fit in a relatively small area such as a parking lot.

Gymkhana Run, Animated GIF

Why haven’t I heard anything about this sport?

Moto Gymkhana is not an overly commercialized sport.  It has been practiced in Japan since 1970’s as part of Motorcycle Manufacturers setting up these type of training and events to demonstrate the capabilities of their motorcycles.

However Moto Gymkhana has been enjoying growth in USA and Europe in the past few years, so you might see more videos of it on YouTube, if you search hard enough.

Do I need special bike to do this?

Not really.  Due to the courses being designed to be compact and to highlight rider’s skills rather than bike’s horsepower, most motorcycles will compete relatively close to each other in terms of their abilities on the course.

Ride what you enjoy riding and once you cannot sleep at night, thinking about how to shave extra 10th of a second, then we can talk about more specialized machines.

Is this dangerous?

Well, you are on two wheels, learning and pushing your skills.  Spills sometime happen, but due to the speeds being relatively low the chances of serious injury are drastically lowered.

Crashes, animated GIF

Of course it makes sense to have reasonable protection on the rider as well as the bike to avoid any serious injury and a ride on a tow truck.

Scuffed leathers and scratched paintwork are +5 horsepower.

So how do I get better at this?

Practice does not necessarily makes perfect.  You need to figure out certain techniques of handling the motorcycle like this.  We will be adding more links to other sites and groups that are MotoGymkhana-centric for you to browse, join and ask questions.  Additionally we will be posting more blog posts to share techniques and discoveries of handling the motorcycle like this.

Additionally if you are in Floriday, Tampa / St. Pete area, we are looking for riders to join our events.  Check out our Florida section to see what is going on locally.